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The Full Story

About the vibe here
@ LCA's HeardMusic LLC

HeardMusic LLC is the home where Independent Artists from all walks of life  and Lee Clark Allen himself can feel at home! It is a place where your stories will be heard, and your life stories will be told - your way, because I cannot think of no other person who would be best elected to hold the water of an artist's life cup than the artist/creator themselves!



Take all of these bags of bones we call songs and breath some life into them so that restored history can get people in their feelings: dancing, healing, self-loving, kissing, improving, etc. 

Work to find our words of our musical and lyrical stories.

Work to deliver the emotions and feels of our musical and lyrical stories.

Music Producers


In community of current and future collaborators, we work to get all voices heard, especially BIPOC and women artists, and get all voices told, one performance, one song, and one album at a time. Our fearless leader, Lee Clark Allen, is leading the charge. And we know how this brother operates: All for the glory of God and his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Music Producers
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